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An afterschool course in personal responsibility-taking, greater self-understanding, socially positive behaviours and empathic growth that is all...

Best For The Bullier

School suspension: Intolerance of the boy rather than the behaviour

Punishment: A lesson in revenge and dominance

Ridicule: Cruelty that ensures further bullying

Best For The Bullier™ is a “friendly but no-nonsense” set of video lessons and activities that confronts bullying behaviours and initiates the re-establishment of a boy’s innate empathy for others. Research-based and experience-informed instruction and activities are designed to develop self-understanding, to emphasize honesty and responsibility, and to honor the natural kindness within.

Early Intervention

Best For The Bullier™ is designed to provide guidance to boys ages 10 - 14 with an event, or an events history, of bullying behaviour.
"The bullier is someone’s child, someone’s friend, and an ongoing member of society. We must also help him to heal both for his sake and ours."